About Us


Raising excellent and patriotic leaders and building the Nation.

(a) Promote patriotism
(b) Political awareness and enlightenment among the youth and other Nigerians.
(c) Leadership and mentoring.
(d) Economic awareness and promoting entrepreneurship.
(e) Active participation of the Youths in the Government of Nigeria.


Executive Division

Legal Division

Legal Aid Department

The Legal Aid Department is an arm of the legal department responsible for providing legal aid to indigent youths who are unlawfully detained by security agents in police custody or prisons facilities within and outside Nigeria.

The department will take up such cases and ensure that justice prevail in the lives of the victims.

The department is made up lawyers called to Nigerian Bar and Nigerians called to the Bar of other countries and are members of YOLPIN, headed by the head of Legal Department.

YOLPIN renders these services for free.

Legal Department

The legal department is responsible for handling all legal matters of the organisation (internal and external).

The department is made up of lawyers who are members of YOLPIN, headed by the head of the Legal Division.

Political Analysts

The Political Analysts Division (PAD) is an arm of YOLPIN that gives opportunity for youths to have a say in the political development in the country and the continent.

PAD is to evaluate policies and politics in the country and raise reasonable alarm for the Organisation, and subsequently the public, and or to the Government, if such shall be necessary for enlightenment or perceived injustice. This shall be based on advise from the Legal Division.

Professional Division

The Professional Division (PD), is one of the major focus of the Organisation. It comprises of all the professions entered into the databse of YOLPIN, and using the knowledge and skills from such professions to contribute to national development.

The PD is headed by the head of Professional Division, who must be duly elected to oversees and coordinate the activities of the various professions.


YOLPIN Knowledgeable Patriots Programme (KPP)

Knowledgeable Patriots Programme (KPP), is a monthly programme where we choose a topic for the month and study the topic across our State Chapters in Nigeria. Patriots are usually selected for presentation on the chosen topics, in the course of our physical/online meetings.

YOLPIN Meetings

We meet in a physical meeting once in a month in Abuja and other States. This gives members the opportunity to interact with one another, network, build relationships and share ideas  on how to become better leaders and contribute to national development.